IT Infrastructure Services

Desktop Support & Maintenance Services

The Hinsys Desktop Support team is available to troubleshoot technical issues that cannot be resolved by the Help Desk. Additionally,We offer the best technical support for PC computers. We help you to optimize your computer for the best performance. With the improvements in performancewe work behind the scenes to ensure that our clients have a stable, efficient computing environment.Our remote computer support service allows our engineers to solve your issues quickly by remotely connecting to your system

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

We provide entire Virtualization range Server, Application, Network and Desktop Virtualization and basic Virtualization and Server consolidation, we also provide Specialists Virtualization Management & Security SolutionsThe main benefits include increased utilisation of individual resources and increased service-levels as applications do not depend on the availability of any individual resource, but may use any one resource available in the pool

IT Outsourcing Services

With our global service delivery platform, and our standardised ITIL-based processes,procedures and work instructions, we deliver multi-country and multi-vendor services, and services Hinsys can help you inject more agility and flexibility into your business model by delivering IT outsourcing services thatencompass the network,data centre and cloud services, end-user support and contact centre